Jai Thai

Jai Thai offers an authentic taste of Thailand through their extensive menu in Singapore. From classic favourites like Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai to lesser-known dishes like Pla Rad Prik and Kang Som, Jai Thai’s menu is sure to satisfy any craving for Thai cuisine.

What are the specials at Jai Thai

Best 5 specials at Jai Thai: Tang Hoon Special, Tom Yum Seafood, Green Curry Noodle, Mango Salad, and Fried Prawn with Tamarind Sauce. Jai Thai serves a variety of Thai dishes including appetizers, salads, soup & curry, seafood, meat, vegetable dishes, rice & noodle dishes, and omelettes. Prices range from S$1.00 to S$14.00 per dish.

Jai Thai Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Prawn Cake S$2.50
Fish Cake S$2.50
Prawn Spring Rolls S$2.00
Vegetable Spring Rolls S$5.00
Deep Fried Bean Curd S$5.00
Mixed Platter S$8.00
Mango Salad S$7.00
Tang Hoon Seafood Salad S$7.00
Seafood Salad S$7.00
Beef Salad S$7.00
Soup & Curry
Green Curry Chicken / Beef S$7.00
Green Curry Prawn / Fish S$9.00
Red Curry Chicken / Beef S$7.00
Red Curry Prawn / Fish S$9.00
Panang (Dried Curry) Chicken / Beef S$7.00
Panang (Dried Curry) Prawn / Fish S$9.00
Vegetable Seafood Soup S$7.00
Bean Curd Seafood Clear Soup S$7.00
Tom Yum Seafood (Clear Soup / Chilli Paste) S$8.00
Tom Yum Prawn (Clear Soup / Chilli Paste) S$9.00
Tom Yum Chicken (Clear Soup / Chilli Paste) S$7.00
Tom Kha Chicken (Blue Ginger Soup – Chicken) S$7.00
Beef Soup S$6.00
Fried Prawn with Chilli Paste S$9.00
Fried Prawn with Basil Leaf S$9.00
Fried Prawn with Curry Powder S$9.00
Fried Prawn with Pepper & Garlic S$9.00
Fried Prawn with Tamarind Sauce S$9.00
Fried Squid with Pepper & Garlic S$9.00
Fried Squid with Chilli Paste S$9.00
Fried Squid with Basil Leaf S$9.00
Steamed Squid with Chilli Lemon S$9.00
Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Chilli Sauce S$8.00
Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Pepper & Garlic S$8.00
Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Basil Leaf S$8.00
Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce S$8.00
Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Tamarind Sauce S$8.00
Steamed Tofu with Beef Basil S$9.00
Steamed Tofu with Beef Pepper & Garlic S$9.00
Fried Beef with Pepper & Garlic S$7.00
Fried Beef with Basil Leaf S$7.00
Fried Beef with Chilli Paste S$7.00
Fried Beef with Oyster Sauce S$7.00
Steamed Tofu with Chicken Basil S$9.00
Steamed Tofu with Chicken Pepper & Garlic S$9.00
Pandan Chicken S$2.50
Fried Chicken with Cashew Nut S$7.00
Deep Fried Lemon Leaf Chicken S$7.00
Stir Fried Chicken with Oyster Sauce S$7.00
Fried Chicken Pepper & Garlic S$7.00
Fried Chicken with Basil Leaf S$7.00
Fried Chicken with Chilli Paste S$7.00
Fried Kang Kong S$7.00
Fried Kai Lan Oyster Sauce S$7.00
Fried Kai Lan Salted Fish S$8.00
Fried Kai Lan with Chinese Mushroom S$8.00
Fried Kai Lan with Prawn S$9.00
Fried Bean Sprout S$7.00
Fried Bean Sprout Salted Fish S$8.00
Fried Mixed Vegetable S$7.00
Fried Mixed Vegetable w/ Chinese Mushroom S$8.00
Fried Mixed Vegetable w/ Prawn S$9.00
Fried Cabbage Oyster Sauce S$7.00
Fried Cabbage with Chinese Mushroom S$7.00
Fried Cabbage with Prawn S$9.00
Fried Brocolli Oyster Sauce S$8.00
Fried Brocolli Chinese Mushroom S$9.00
Fried Brocolli Prawn S$10.00
Rice & Noodle
Pineapple Rice S$6.00
Olive Rice S$6.00
Salted Fish Fried Rice S$6.00
Chicken / Beef Fried Rice S$6.00
Seafood Fried Rice S$8.00
Fried Rice with Chicken Basil Leaf S$6.00
Fried Rice with Seafood Basil Leaf S$8.00
Fried Tang Hoon S$7.00
Phad Kee Mao Chicken / Beef S$6.00
Phad Kee Mao Seafood S$8.00
Fried Bee Hoon with Dark Sauce Chicken S$6.00
Fried Bee Hoon with Dark Sauce Seafood S$8.00
Phad Thai Chicken S$6.00
Phad Thai Prawn S$7.00
Phad Thai Seafood S$8.00
Beef Noodle S$7.00
Tom Yum Chicken Noodle S$7.00
Tom Yum Seafood Noodle S$8.00
Green Curry Noodle S$8.00
Phad See Eiw Chicken S$6.00
Phad See Eiw Seafood S$8.00
Steamed Rice S$1.00
Plain Omelette S$6.00
Vegetable Omelette S$6.00
Minced Chicken Omelette S$7.00
Prawn Meat Omelette S$7.00
Tang Hoon Special S$14.00
Baked Beancurd Tanghoon S$10.00
Basil Special
Rice with Chicken Basil S$7.00
Rice with Beef Basil S$7.00
Rice with Fish Basil S$8.00
Rice with Seafood Basil S$8.00
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Jai Thai Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Jai Thai – Bugis Mon-Sun: 11am-11pm
Jai Thai – East Coast Mon-Sun: 11am-11pm
Jai Thai – IMM Mon-Sun: 11am-11pm
Jai Thai – JEM Mon-Sun: 11am-9.30pm
Jai Thai – Queensway Mon-Sun: 11am-11pm
Jai Thai – Serangoon Gardens Mon-Sun: 11am-11pm
Jai Thai – Upper Thomson Mon-Sun: 11am-11pm
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