Ice Lab

Ice Lab in Singapore offers a unique menu of icy treats that are perfect for beating the tropical heat. From shaved ice to bingsu, Ice Lab has something for everyone’s sweet tooth. Discover their tempting menu and indulge in a refreshing treat.

What are the specials at Ice Lab

The best 5 specials at Ice Lab are the Injeolmi Bingsu, Cheese Bingsu, Red Bean Bingsu, Mango Coconut Shake, and Mint Chocolate Latte. The menu offers a variety of Bingsu flavors, Ice Lab Chills, Ade, Toast/Cakes, Snowshakes, and Lattes. Prices range from S$7.14 – S$20.40.

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Ice Lab Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Injeolmi Bingsu S$20.40
Milk Bingsu S$15.30
Oreo Bingsu S$18.36
Lemon Bingsu S$18.36
Green Grape Bingsu S$18.36
Green Tea Bingsu S$18.36
Mango Bingsu S$19.38
Cheese Bingsu S$20.40
Yoghurt Bingsu S$19.38
Milk Tea Bingsu S$19.38
Watermelon Bingsu S$19.38
Chocolate Bingsu S$19.38
Strawberry Bingsu S$20.40
Apple Mango Bingsu S$18.36
Red Bean Bingsu S$ 20.40
Hojicha Bingsu S$19.38
Taro Bingsu S$18.36
Ice Lab Chills
Iced Lavender Passionfruit Tea S$7.14
Iced Lychee Tea S$7.14
Apple Ade S$7.14
Blue Ocean Ade S$7.14
Green Grape Ade S$7.14
Lemon Ade S$7.14
Mango Ade S$7.14
Strawberry Ade S$7.14
Toast/ Cake
Chocolate Melt S$10.20
Cheesecake S$8.16
Chocolate Cake S$8.16
Strawberry Shake S$9.18
Chocolate Shake S$9.18
Mango Yoghurt Shake S$9.18
Blueberry Yoghurt Shake S$9.18
Mango Coconut Shake S$9.18
Java Chip Shake S$9.18
Chocolate Latte S$6.12
Green Tea Latte S$6.12
Injeolmi Latte S$6.12
Hojicha Latte S$6.12
Earl Grey Latte S$6.12
Mint Chocolate Latte S$6.12
Sweet Potato Latte S$6.12
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Ice Lab Location & Working Hours

Ice Lab Outlet Location Working Hours
Ice Lab @ Jurong Point 63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-71/72, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 648331 10am – 10pm
Ice Lab @ Orchard Gateway 277 Orchard Rd, #B2-01, Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858 10am – 10pm
Ice Lab @ Bugis+ 201 Victoria St, #04-05, Bugis+, Singapore 188067 10am – 10pm
Ice Lab @ JCube 2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-05/06, JCube, Singapore 609731 10am – 10pm
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