When it comes to quenching your thirst, iTEA has a range of refreshing and flavorful drinks on their menu in Singapore. With a focus on quality ingredients and unique combinations, iTEA offers boba tea and other beverages that are both satisfying and delicious.

What are the specials at iTEA

1. Mango Sago with Pomelo
2. Taro Bobo Milk Tea
3. Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea
4. Aloe Vera Passion Fruit Green Tea
5. Grass Jelly Milk Tea

iTEA offers a variety of milk teas, premium teas, juices, macchiatos, ice blended drinks, smoothies, and specialty items such as Q-Balls and Mango Sago.

iTEA Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Mango Sago
Mango Sago with pomelo S$5.70
Taro Bobo Fresh Milk S$5.70
Taro Bobo Milk Tea S$5.70
Milk Tea
Pearl Milk Tea S$3.70
Mint Chocolate Milk Tea S$5.00
Strawberry Milk Tea S$4.40
Caramel Milk Tea S$4.70
Honey Milk Tea S$4.40
Green Milk Tea With Pearl S$3.70
Ice Cream Milk Tea S$4.90
Hazelnut Milk Tea S$4.70
Earl Grey Milk Tea S$4.10
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea S$4.70
Grass Jelly Milk Tea S$4.70
Peppermint Milk Tea S$4.40
Golden Oolong Milk Tea S$4.10
HoneyDew Milk Tea S$4.40
Oreo Milk Tea S$4.70
Chocolate Milk Tea S$4.70
Premium Tea
Peach Green Tea S$4.10
Golden Oolong Tea S$3.80
Honey Earl Grey S$4.10
Aloe Vera Passion Fruit Green Tea S$4.70
Fresh Lemon Green Tea S$4.40
Honey Green Tea S$4.10
Grapefruit Green Tea With Pomelo S$4.70
Fresh Lemon Earl Grey S$4.70
Passion Fruit Green Tea S$4.10
Grapefruit Golden Oolong With Pomelo S$4.70
Assam Black Tea S$3.40
Peach Green Tea White Pearl S$4.70
Lime Green Tea S$4.10
Jasmine Green Tea S$3.40
Yakult Green Tea S$4.70
Ribena Black Tea S$4.10
Fresh Lemon Yakult S$5.00
Mango Yakult S$5.00
Peach Yakult S$5.00
Sprite Lime S$3.40
Passion Fruit Yakult S$5.00
Green Apple Yakult S$5.00
Aloe Vera Honey Lemon Aiyu S$4.70
Passion Fruit Juice S$2.80
Bandung Juice S$2.80
Strawberry Juice S$2.80
Green Apple Juice S$2.80
Ribena Juice S$2.80
Mango Juice S$2.80
Honeydew Juice S$2.80
Peach Juice S$2.80
Green Lime Juice S$2.80
Green Tea Macchiato S$4.40
Fresh Milk Grass Jelly S$4.90
Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk S$4.70
Matcha Latte S$5.40
Golden Oolong Macchiato S$4.60
Macchiato Chocolate S$5.40
Macchiato Mocha S$5.40
Matcha Macchiato S$5.40
Earl Grey Latte S$5.40
Black Tea Macchiato S$4.40
Cool Ice Blended
Passion Fruit Ice S$3.50
Bandung Ice S$3.50
Strawberry Ice S$3.50
Green Apple Ice S$3.50
Ribena Ice S$3.50
Mango Ice S$3.50
Honeydew Ice S$3.50
Peach Ice S$3.50
Green Lime Ice S$3.50
Premium Ice Blended
Chocolate Oreo Ice S$4.70
Chocolate Ice S$4.10
Coffee Ice S$4.10
Mocha Coffee Ice S$5.00
Cappuccino Ice S$4.10
Oreo Ice S$4.10
Coco Shiok S$5.70
Mango Yogurt S$4.70
Peach Yogurt S$4.70
Mango Peach Yogurt S$5.00
Mango Smoothie S$4.70
Peach Smoothie S$4.70
Strawberry Smoothie S$4.70
Stylo Milo
Milo Macchiato S$4.90
Milo Ice S$4.10
Hazelnut Milo S$4.90
Caramel Milo S$4.90
Peppermint Milo S$4.90
Milo Latte S$5.40
Q Ball Grass Jelly Fresh Yam S$5.60
Q Ball Grass Jelly Aiyu S$4.90
Q Ball Grass Jelly Aiyu White Pearls S$5.70
Q Ball Grass Jelly S$4.10
Q Ball Grass Jelly Aiyu Coconut Jelly S$5.30
Q Ball Grass Jelly Pudding S$4.90
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iTEA Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
iTEA Jewel Changi Airport 24 hours
iTEA Northpoint City 10am – 10pm
iTEA Plaza Singapura 11am – 10pm
iTEA Punggol Waterway Point 10am – 10pm
iTEA Sengkang Compass One 10am – 10pm
iTEA Tampines One 10am – 10pm
iTEA The Seletar Mall 10am – 10pm
iTEA VivoCity 10am – 10pm
iTEA Westgate 10am – 10pm
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