HEYTEA is a popular tea brand that originated from China and has since expanded to different parts of the world, including Singapore. HEYTEA Singapore offers an extensive and exciting menu of tea-based beverages, including fruit teas, cheese teas, and macchiato teas, that cater to all taste buds.

What are the specials at HEYTEA

Best 5 specials at HEYTEA:

1) Very Grape Crystal,

2) Mango Grapefruit Pops,

3) Very Tangerine Blast,

4) Very Grape Cheezo Lite,

5) Mango Cheezo.

HEYTEA offers a variety of fruit and tea-based drinks, including crystals and cheezo blends, refreshing and comforting options. Popular flavors include mango, grape, taro, and jasmine tea, with unique toppings such as sago and bobo. Local inspirations and ice cream delights are also available. Prices range from S$3.30 to S$8.60.

HEYTEA Menu Singapore

Menu Price
In Season
Passion Fruit Mango Crystal
A tropical flavor mix with hints of passion fruit and seasonal fresh mango (hand-cut daily). Infused in authentic floral scented Regal Aqua Green Jasmine Tea.
Very Green Grape Crystal
Selected fresh premium Shine Muscat Grape, juicy and sweet. Added with slippery melt-in-your-mouth Crystal Pudding (handmade daily) for a mouthful of pure refreshing bliss
Very Grape Mulberry Crystal
Combining the ever popular grape with the new cult favorite, Mulberry, bringing the taste of real fruits through grapes, balanced with sweet mulberry.
Re-Freshing Drinks
Very Grape Crystal
A HEYTEA original since 2018, featuring fresh handpeeled premium kyoho grapes. Available in 500ml standard & 650ml upsized
Mango Grapefruit Pops
The ultimate refreshing expression of our very mango grapefruit. Fresh seasonal mango, hand cut & prepared daily.
Very Tangerine Blast(Original)
Juicy seasonal fresh harumi tangerine hand peeled daily steeped in refreshing regal aqua green tea, with smooth osmanthus pudding
Coconut Mango Fusion
Selected seasonal fresh mango, hand prepared daily. Blended with silky smooth coconut milk.
Mango Coconut Shake
Selected seasonal mango, juicy and sweet, hand-cut daily. With added diced mango, translucent sago and crunchy Bobo Pops. Blended with silky smooth natural coconut milk slushie, for an ultimate refreshing taste experience.
Duo-Lemon Punch
Featuring two kinds of selected fresh lemons, hand-cut daily then punched. Infused in authentic Regal Aqua Green Jasmine Tea.
Very Mango Tea
Fresh seasonally selected juicy mango with refreshing regal aqua green jasmine tea delivering a sweet tropical taste experience.
Very Grape Cheezo Lite
Featuring seasonal hand-peeled Black Summer Grapes, infused in Regal Aqua Green Jasmine Tea with added melt-in-your-mouth Crystal Pudding.
Very Mango Cheezo Lite
Adapted from the signature Very Mango Cheezo. Fresh seasonal mango cubes, handcut daily. Infused in Real Regal Aqua Green Jasmine Tea, no artificial flavors. Topped with lite signature Cheezo; real milk, no creamers.
Local Inspirations
Pandan Coconut Shake
Selected fresh mango cubes, mixed with real Pandan Pudding handmade daily
Comfort Drinks
Roasted Brown Bobo Milk(Original)
A combo of brown sugar bobo with fresh milk topped with caramelized creme brulee
Brown Bobo Milk
A lighter taste expression of Roasted Brown Bobo Milk (Original). Daily-cooked Brown Sugar Bobo, infused in real premium milk for a velvety taste.
Roasted Brown Bobo Milk Tea
Premium red blossom black tea, mixed with creamy & rich milk. A taste bud tingling blend with floral aroma lingering in your mouth.
Taro Milk Sago With Barley
An all new TARO milk innovation, featuring NEW highland barley topping.Fresh taro paste handmade daily and chewy taro bobo infused in real premium milk.
Taro Bobo Milk Tea
A Taro inspiration, complete with taro paste orh nee & taro bobo. A pure taro delight.
Simple Classics
Aqua Green Jasmine Milk Tea
A harmonious blend of refreshing Regal Aqua Green Jasmine tea with real premium fresh milk, atop a layer of tender smooth osmanthus pudding.
Regal Aqua Green Jasmine Cheezo (Original)
The original cheezo tea since 2012.A unique blend of fresh tea leaves sourced from all over the world for a brisk and clean flavor. Topped with Cheezo.
Pure Regal Aqua Green Jasmine Tea
Brewed with premium green tea, it tastes brisk, clear with a hint of jasmine aroma. Comes without cheezo topping, 500ml.Caution contents hot
Sig. Drinks
Very Grape Cheezo (Original)
Summer Black Grapes blended with premium Aqua Green tea. It’s natural for the drink to bubble when opted for Skinny Sugar.
Mango Cheezo
Crafted with juicy, freshy mango and vibrant green tea, the beverage is then lightly sweetened with a tiny bit of natural rock sugar
Ice Cream Delight
Taro Blast Cheezo Sundae
A Taro ice cream inspiration.
Mango Grapefruit Cheezo Sundae
A NEW Sundae extension of Very Mango Grapefruit Fusion. Rich Cheezo Ice Cream, with fresh mango puree, Konnyaku Bobo Pops and Ruby Grapefruit Pulp. Savouring the multi-textured sweetness.
Bobo Sundae
Fresh, crisp tea is swirled into hyper rich milk ice cream, then topped with a handful of sweet, gooey brown sugar bobo.
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HEYTEA Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
ION Orchard 10am-10pm Daily
Jewel Changi Airport 24 Hours Daily
VivoCity 10am-10pm Daily
The Central @ Clarke Quay 11am-10pm Daily
Northpoint City 10am-10pm Daily
Nex 10am-10pm Daily

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