Le Petit Croissant

Le Petit Croissant in Singapore offers a delightful blend of French and Asian flavours in their menu. From savoury croissants to decadent pastries, there is something for every palate. Discover their signature dishes and tantalizing treats at Le Petit Croissant today.

What are the specials at Le Petit Croissant

The best 5 specials at Le Petit Croissant are the Le Petit Croissant Brunch for 2, The Perfect Brunch for 2 Pax, Brunch Care Package for 2-3, Brunch Essentials for 4 Pax, and Chocolate Treat Box. They also offer a variety of pastries, cheese platters, barista coffee, bread, lunch, and breakfast meetings options. Don’t miss their delicious tarts!

Le Petit Croissant Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Popular Brunch Packages
8 Mini Pastries + 1 Mini Jam
8 Mini Pastries + 1 Mini Jam
Breakfast Set for 1
4 Mini pastries, 1 fruit cup, 1 juice & 1 mini jam
20 Mini Mixed Pastries
Items vary based on season & availability
Le Petit Croissant Brunch For 2
1 Ciabatta, 8 Best Selling Mini Pastries, 1 Brie Cheese, 2 Fruit Juices, 2 Fresh Fruit Cups, 2 Mini Butter, 1 Mini Jam. Great as a gift!
The Perfect Brunch for 2 Pax
8 of our best selling mini pastries, 2 fresh fruit juices, 2 small fresh fruit eco cup, 1 bread, brie cheese, mini jam bonne maman, mini butter
Brunch Care Package For 2-3
10 of our Most Popular Mini Pastries, 2 Fruit Juices, 2 Fresh Fruit Cups, 1 Baguette, 1 Brie Cheese, 1 Dip, 1 Mini Jam Bonne Maman, 2 Mini Butter
Brunch Essentials for 4 Pax
For 4 pax. Comes with 18 mini pastries, 1L Juice, 4 fresh fruit cups, 1 loaf of bread, 2 dips, 1 big jam bonne maman, 4 mini butter
Brunch Care Package For 5-6
Comes with 22 mini pastries, 1 bread, 2 cheeses,, 2 mini blueberry jam bonne maman, 4 juices of 260ml, 3 small fresh fruit eco-cups
Chocolate Treat Box
Limited edition. One beautiful chocolate egg from Anja chocolatier with hidden truffle chocolate inside, 6 macarons, 3 chocolate beignet, 3 chocolate muffins & mini Easter eggs
8 Large Pastries
4 Croissant & 4 pain au chocolate
8 Large Croissants
8 Large Croissants
8 Large Pain Au Chocolate & 4 Mini
8 Large Pain Au Chocolate & 4 Mini
Signature Pastries Gift Box
Signature Pastries Gift Box
Handwritten Note
Please include message when placing your order
21 Macarons
21 Macarons
Valentine’s Picnic
Pastry box, cheese platter, baguette & 2 juices
Embroidered Tote Bag
Embroidered Tote Bag
Chocolate Deluxe Box
Limited edition. Jojo rabbit from Laurent Bernard, a beautiful chocolate egg from Anja chocolatier with hidden truffle chocolate inside, 5 macarons, 2 chocolate beignet, 3 chocolate muffins, 2 canelés & mini Easter eggs
Disposable Cutlery Set
Disposable Cutlery Set
Disposable Tea Pot For 15 Pax
Comes with 15 cups. Does not come with sugar and milk.
Disposable Black Coffee Pot For 15 Pax
Disposable Black Coffee Pot For 15 Pax
Package C For 35-40
50 Mini Croissant + 50 Mini Pain au Chocolat
Cheese Platters
Mini Cheese Platter
Mini Cheese Platter
Cheese Platter for 2 Pax
Comes with 3 types of french cheese + cooked ham
Gourmet Cheese Platter
Brie, camembert, goat cheese, emmental & gorgonzola. Also comes with condiments like grapes, gherkins, olives, crackers, mini butters & more.
Barista Coffee
Concentrated shot of coffee served in small, strong shots
A strong cup of coffee with steamed milk, foam and of course coffee!
An espresso shot along with steamed and foamed milk
Hot Chocolate
A delicious blend of all your favourite ingredients: Chocolate + Heaven
Caramel Latte
Made with caramel syrup, steamed milk and espresso shots, creating a pleasant sweet and buttery flavour
Pastries A La Carte
Large Croissant S$4.50
Large Pain Au Chocolat S$4.50
Mini Croissant S$2.00
Mini Pain Au Chocolat S$1.80
Mini Cranberry Twist S$2.50
Mini Chocolate Beignet S$2.50
Chocolate Twist S$4.50
Ham & Cheese Croissant S$4.00
Tuna Mayo Croissant S$4.00
Egg Salad Croissant S$4.00
Pizza Twist S$5.00
Ciabatta S$4.00
Baguette S$4.50
German Pretzel S$5.50
Gourmet Baguette Sandwich S$15.00
Gourmet Ciabatta Sandwich S$15.00
Gourmet Greek Salad S$22.00
Gourmet Salad Box S$20.00
Goat Cheese Salad S$18.00
Cheese A La Carte
Brie Cheese 200g S$14.00
Camembert Cheese 125g S$12.00
Goat Cheese S$14.00
Emmental S$14.00
Gorgonzola S$13.00
Breakfast Meetings
8 Canneles S$30.00
Disposable Black Coffee Pot For 15 S$55.00
Disposable Tea Pot For 15 S$50.00
Fresh Fruit Eco-Cup S$5.00
Granola Yogurt Eco-cup S$5.00
Egg Dip S$5.00
Tuna Dip S$9.00
Large Fruit Bowl for 4 S$18.00
Fruit Juices
Orange Carrot Pineapple Juice 250ml S$5.00
Orange Nectar S$6.00
Mango Nectar S$6.00
Lemon Meringue Tart S$50.00
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Le Petit Croissant Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Raffles City Shopping Centre Monday – Sunday: 8:00am – 10:00pm
Novena Square 2 Monday – Sunday: 8:00am – 9:00pm
Plaza Singapura Monday – Sunday: 8:00am – 9:30pm
Junction 8 Monday – Sunday: 8:00am – 9:00pm
The Star Vista Monday – Sunday: 8:00am – 9:00pm
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