Pezzo Pizza

Looking for the best pizza joints in Singapore? Look no further than Pezzo Pizza! Their menu is packed with delicious, mouth-watering options, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. From classic margherita pizzas to unique creations like the BBQ Bonanza and the Hola Hawaiian, there’s something for everyone at Pezzo Pizza. So why wait? Check out their menu today!

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What are the specials at Pezzo Pizza?

1. Mao Shan Wang Pizza (Durian series)
2. Twin Pizza Bundle
3. GSS Mega Savings Bundle
4. Sharing Bundle Plus
5. Jumbo Mumbo Bundle

Pezzo Pizza offers classic, thin crust, and gourmet pizzas in various flavors, as well as sides, snacks, and beverages. They also have seasonal specials and a durian series pizza made with Mao Shan Wang durian. Bundle meals for individuals and groups are also available.

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Pezzo Pizza
Menu Singapore

Classic Pizza – 14 Inch
BBQ Bonanza
Barbeque isn’t just a flavor, but as they say, it is a culture, it is life.Thus, one needs to do it right, this pizza is engulfed in Shredded Chicken, Red Onions, layered with BBQ Sauce & topped with Mozzarella Cheese. All of which to a little dance on your taste buds as you munch down a piping hot
Cheesy Cheese
This handcrafted pizza is made with Pezzo signature dough that is freshly kneaded and hand-stretched, accompanied with our in-house tomato sauce recipe. Cheesy? Absolutely! The pizza is topped with generous dollops of premium mozzarella cheese for that signature cheese pull.
Hola Hawaiian
If you are a fan of adding pineapples to pizzas then look no further Pezzo’s Hawaiian pizza is the perfect combination of sweet and savory flavors loaded on top of a crispy freshly kneaded and hand-stretched crust. The deliciously melty mozzarella cheese locks in layers of salty turkey ham and bacon
Very Veggie
A vegetarian pizza recipe will delight vegetarians and carnivores alike.It is fresh and full of flavor, featuring Onions, mushrooms, green & red peppers, sweet pineapples and sliced tomatoes
Fiery Hot Chick
Fragrant shredded chicken, extra spicy chilli sauce, red chillies, green & red peppers, topped with mozzarella & crispy fish chilli
Gourmet Pizza -14 Inch
Pepperoni Party
Our Pepperoni Pizza from pezzo is the king of its class. Each Pan comes with a whopping 90 slices of pepperoni that majestically sit atop a freshly kneaded and hand-stretched crust that is the right amount of crunchy and doughy. Not forgetting the snow of premium mozzarella cheese that’s we complete
Satay Sedap
Chicken satay with delicious peanut satay sauce, topped with red onion, fresh cucumber & mozzarella cheese sedap. Mmm. Sedapnya
Nacho Cheese Popcorn Chicken
PEZZO Nacho Popcorn is a exactly what is sounds like. Fluffy PIZZA Dough topped with Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheese and finished with Popcorn chicken and smothered with warm gooey Nacho Cheese.
Truffle Mushroom
Our Truffle Mayo Sauce takes this pizza from fine to sublime, topped with Mozzarella Cheese, Button Mushroom, Sliced Mushroom and Cherry Tomato! This is one flavor that should not be missed out on!
Personal Pan Pizza – 10 Inch Thin Crust Pan
Personal Pan Pizza
Get up close & personal with our 10 inch pan
Personal Pan Bundle
1 Personal Pan+1 can of drink + 4 pcs Wings
Thin Crust Pizza- 13 Inch Thin Crust Pan
Thin Crust Pizza
You can feast on your favourite classics without the carbs and guilt weighing you down. Our Thin Crust Pizzas are made-to-order and fresh from the oven!
Thin Crust Pizza
Thin Crust Pizza
Combo Meal
Single Bundle For (1-2 Pax)
1 classic slice + Loaded Nacho Fries + 1 Drink
Sharing Bundle Plus For 3 – 4
4 classic slices, 1 lasagna,1 Loaded Nacho Fries, 3 choice of drink
Jumbo Party Bundle (3- 4 Pax)
1 classic pan, 1 lasagna**, 1 Loaded Nacho Fries, 1 Popcorn Chicken,1 Popcorn Chicken, 4 choice of drink
Jumbo Mumbo (5 – 6 Pax)
2 classic pan, 1 Popcorn Chicken,2 Loaded Nacho Fries, 1 Popcorn Chicken, 2 X 1.5 Litre Coke, 1 Lasagna**
Snacks Platters (2-3 Pax)
14 mildly spicy wings, 14 mildly spicy drumlets
Mix & Match Bundle
6 Flavours in a classic pizza pan with 4 Coca-Cola®️
2 Classic Pans
2 Classic pan of pizza with 2 bottles of 1.5 l coke
PEZZO X Snowcity Fun Box
Fun Box
Each set comes with a limited edition Pezzo Mask holder, discount code for Snow city, choice of either a slice of BBQ Bonanza Pizza or signature Cheesy Cheese Pizza and Ribena
Pezzo Family Fun Box
One classic pan & 2 kids meal
Beef Lasagna
Smoked minced beef layered with al dente pasta, fresh herbs, juicy tomatoes, topped with golden parmesan & mozzarella cheese
Chicken Lasagna
Fragrant ground chicken, layered with al dente pasta, creamy tomato sauce, herbs, onions, topped with golden parmesan & mozzarella cheese. Minced chicken, celery, carrots, bay leaves, tomato sauce, black pepper sauce & yellow onions
Mildly spicy drumlets which best match with our pizzas
Mild spicy Wings which best match with our pizzas
Popcorn Chicken
Pop Pop Popcorn Chicken
Beef Bolognese Loaded Nacho Cheese Fries
Loaded Nacho Cheese Fries with Beef Bolognese sauce
Garlic Bread
A loaf of bread topped with garlic and olive oil, butter and herbs. Toasted to perfection
Cheese Sticks
Mozzerella Cheesy Cheese Sticks
Green Tea
320ml can drink
320ml can drink
320ml can drink
Dasani Mineral Water
500ml dasani water
Great Singapore Sales
GSS Mega Savings Bundle
Enjoy 2 Large Classic Pizzas, 4 Wings, 2x 1.5L Coke Bottles and Free Garlic Bread at only $49.90! Enjoy 25% Savings this GSS!
Beef Bolognese Loaded Nacho Cheese Fries
Loaded Nacho Cheese Fries with Beef Bolognese sauce
Seasonal Specials
Twin Pizza Bundle
2 Slices of Pizza 1 Choice Of Side 2 Cans of Drinks
Bundle For 3
1 Ondeh Ondeh Pizza Slice 1 Kicap Manis Pizza Slice 2 Classic Pizza Slices 2 Sides 3 Cans of Drinks
Pizza Party (4-6 Pax)
1 Ondeh Ondeh Pizza Pan 1 Kicap Manis Pizza Pan 2 Choice of Sides 1.5L Coke
Durian Series Pizza
Mao Shan Wang Pizza (Full Pan)
Durian. Fresh dough topped with creamy mix of mao shan wang, sweetened milk & mozzarella cheese

Pezzo Pizza Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
OrchardMon-Sun: 10am-10pm
The Star VistaMon-Sun: 10am-10pm
Junction 8Mon-Sun: 10am-10pm
The CathayMon-Sun: 10am-10pm
Bukit Panjang PlazaMon-Sun: 10am-10pm
Parkway ParadeMon-Sun: 10am-10pm
Suntec CityMon-Sun: 10am-10pm
Raffles CityMon-Sun: 10am- 9.30pm
Compass OneMon-Sun: 10am- 10pm
Junction 10Mon-Sun: 10am- 10pm
VivoCityMon-Sun: 10.30am-10pm
Kallang Wave MallMon-Sun: 10am-10pm

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