Sinn Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice

Sinn Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice is a popular restaurant in Singapore known for its delectable chicken rice. Their menu features a range of dishes, including their specialty Hainanese Chicken Rice, which is prepared with care and precision. With its authentic flavors and high-quality ingredients, Sinn Ji is a must-visit place for food lovers.

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What are the specials at Sinn Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice

1. Whole Roasted Chicken (S$52.00)
2. 4 Person Set Meal (S$73.00)
3. Spicy and Sour Jelly Fish (S$9.00)
4. Hainanese Chicken Cutlet Rice (S$8.60)
5. 5 Spiced Chicken Roll (3 Rolls) (S$17.00)

Sinn Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice offers a variety of chicken dishes including poached and roasted options. They also have noodle dishes, vegetables, appetizers, and specialty items such as spicy dumplings and Thai style tofu. Set meals are available for 1 or 2 people, and for 4 people, and a whole roasted chicken is also offered.

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Sinn Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice
Menu Singapore

Set Meal
1 Person Set Meal
Meat, Kailan, Fragrant Rice
1 Person Noodle Set Meal
1 Portion meat, 1 small kailan and 1 portion noodle
2 Person Set Meal
1 Quarter chicken, 1 medium kailan, 1 crispy thai styled-tofu and 2 chicken rice
4 Person Set Meal
1 Whole chicken, 1 Thai styled tofu, 4 chicken rice and 1 large kailan
Spicy and Sour Jelly FishS$9.00
Hainanese Chicken Poached RiceS$8.00
Hainanese Chicken Roasted RiceS$8.00
Hainanese Chicken Cutlet RiceS$8.60
Hainanese Chicken Poached Drumstick RiceS$10.00
Hainanese Chicken Roasted Drumsticks RiceS$10.00
Whole Roasted ChickenS$52.00
Half Poached ChickenS$26.50
Whole Poached ChickenS$53.00
Half Roasted ChickenS$26.00
Quarter PoachedS$14.00
Quarter RoastedS$14.00
Poached Chicken NoodleS$9.00
Roasted Chicken NoodleS$9.00
Wanton NoodleS$12.00
Hainanese Chicken Cutlet NoodleS$10.00
Poached Chicken Noodle DrumstickS$11.00
Roasted Chicken Drumstick NoodleS$11.00
Dumpling NoodleS$12.00
Seasonal Bak Choy Stir FriedS$14.00
Sauteed Hong Kong Kai LanS$12.50
Sambal Lady’s FingerS$14.00
Sambal KangkongS$14.00
Bean SproutS$10.00
Side Dish
Fried WantonS$10.50
Wanton SoupS$10.50
Dumpling SoupS$10.50
Specialty Spicy DumplingsS$10.80
5 Spiced Chicken Roll (3 Rolls)S$17.00
Thai Style TofuS$10.00
Crispy Hainanese Chicken CutletS$16.50
Fu Rong EggS$17.00
Red Onion EggS$12.00
Add On
Fragrant Chicken Rice (Rice Only)S$1.80
Plain White RiceS$1.20
Braised Egg(1pcs Whole Egg)S$2.00
Egg Noodle OnlyS$4.20
Sinn Ji Specialty Chilli SauceS$2.50
Sinn Ji Specialty Ginger SauceS$3.00
Mineral WaterS$2.50
Coke ZeroS$3.00
Qoo (White grape)S$3.00
Ayataka Japanese Green TeaS$3.00
100 PlusS$3.00
F&N Grape SodaS$3.00
F&N Cherry SodaS$3.00
Green TeaS$3.00
Iced Lemon TeaS$3.00
Grass JellyS$2.50
A&W Root BeerS$3.00
Soya BeanS$2.50

Sinn Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
Block 29, #01-05, Chai Chee Avenue, Singapore 46102911:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Daily)
Blk 85, Bedok North Street 4, #01-21, Singapore 46008510:30 AM – 8:00 PM (Closed on Mondays)
Parkway Parade, #B1-58, Singapore 44926910:30 AM – 9:30 PM (Daily)
Changi Airport Terminal 1 Viewing Mall South, 80 Airport Boulevard, #03-19/20, Singapore 81964210:30 AM – 10:00 PM (Daily)
Icon Village, #01-05, Singapore 07887711:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Daily)

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