Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi menu in Singapore offers a wide variety of delicious sushi dishes made with the freshest ingredients. With a range of traditional and innovative options, there is something for everyone’s taste buds. Discover the delights of Sakae Sushi menu today.

What are the specials at Sakae Sushi

It is not clear from the information provided what the “best 5 specials” at Sakae Sushi are, as no recommendations or ratings are given.

Sakae Sushi offers a variety of nigiri sushi, gunkan, makimono, sushi platters, donburi, onigirazu, temaki, udon, aburi sushi, sashimi, and beverages. Prices range from S$3.18 to S$87.74.

Sakae Sushi Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Nigiri Sushi
Ika Nigiri Sushi S$3.18
Inari Nigiri Sushi S$3.18
Unagi Nigiri Sushi S$5.30
Aka Ebi Nigiri Sushi S$8.48
Egg Mayo Inari Nigiri Sushi S$5.30
Ebi Nigiri Sushi S$5.30
Hamachi Nigiri Sushi S$5.30
Maguro Nigiri Sushi S$3.18
Shime Saba Nigiri Sushi S$5.30
Tuna Mayo Inari Nigiri Sushi S$5.30
Ebikko Inari Nigiri Sushi S$5.30
Tamago Nigiri Sushi S$3.18
Kanifumi Nigiri Sushi S$3.18
Lobster Salad Inari Nigiri Sushi S$8.48
Salmon Nigiri Sushi S$3.18
Salmon Mentai Inari Nigiri Sushi S$8.48
Tobikko Cheese Gunkan Sushi S$5.30
Ikura Gunkan Sushi S$8.48
Chuka Idako Gunkan Sushi S$3.18
Lobster Salad Gunkan Sushi S$5.30
Chuka Wakame Gunkan Sushi S$3.18
Chuka Kurage Gunkan Sushi S$3.18
Tuna Mayo Gunkan Sushi S$3.18
Spicy Salmon Gunkan Sushi S$3.18
Tobiko Gunkan Sushi S$5.30
Chuka Hotate Gunkan Sushi S$3.18
Spicy Maguro Gunkan Sushi S$3.18
Ebiko Gunkan Sushi S$3.18
Egg Mayo Gunkan Sushi S$3.18
Smoked Duck Gunkan Sushi S$3.18
Spicy Salmon Gunkan Sushi S$3.18
Tekka Makimono S$3.18
Oshinko Makimono S$3.18
Tamago Makimono S$3.18
Kappa Makimono S$3.18
Kani Makimono S$3.18
Salmon Hana Makimono S$8.48
Salmon Makimono S$3.18
Futo Makimono S$12.23
Soft Shell Crab Makimono S$14.35
California Mini Makimono S$10.12
Salmon Avocado Makimono S$9.05
Sushi Platters
Sakae Happiness Platter A S$87.74
Sakae Happiness Platter B S$71.55
Sakae Happiness Platter C S$75.79
Sakae Premium Mix Platter S$83.20
Duo To Go Donburi
Duo Chicken Katsu Don S$27.54
Duo Yakiniku Black Pepper Don S$31.78
Duo Oyako Don S$31.78
Duo Yakiniku Don S$31.78
Duo Sakae Don S$36.02
Duo Unatama Don S$33.89
Duo Salmon Ikura Don S$33.89
Duo Teriyaki Chicken Don S$25.43
Chicken Katsu Onigirazu S$7.42
Lobster Salad Onigirazu S$7.95
Unagi Onigirazu S$8.48
Ebi Onigirazu S$7.42
Spicy Salmon Onigirazu S$8.48
Tamago Onigirazu S$6.89
Salmon Skin Cheese Temaki S$3.18
Ebi Tempura Temaki S$5.30
California Temaki S$3.18
Ebi Fry Temaki S$5.30
Spicy Salmon Temaki S$3.18
Salmon Avocado Temaki S$5.30
Lobster Salad Temaki S$5.30
Soft Shell Crab Temaki S$5.30
Cha Soba S$12.23
Beef Udon S$17.52
Tempura Udon S$8.58
Teriyaki Chicken Udon S$16.47
Aburi Sushi
Salmon Set Aburi Sushi S$12.23
Combo Set Aburi Sushi S$20.71
Yakiniku Black Pepper Don S$17.52
Salmon Ikura Don S$18.58
Unatama Don S$18.58
Yakiniku Don S$17.52
Gyu Teriyaki Don S$17.52
Sakae Don S$19.65
Teriyaki Chicken Don S$14.35
Oyako Don S$17.52
Chicken Katsu Don S$15.41
Salmon S$9.14
Hamachi S$8.48
Mekajiki S$8.48
Maguro S$8.48
Coca Cola S$3.18
A & W Root Beer S$3.18
Sprite S$3.18
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Sakae Sushi Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
321 Clementi 11am – 10pm
Boon Lay 11am – 10pm
Century Square 11am – 10pm
Changi Airport Terminal 2 10am – 11pm
City Square Mall 11am – 10pm
Compass One 11am – 10pm
Downtown East 11am – 10pm
HarbourFront Centre 11am – 10pm
Junction 8 11am – 10pm
Lot One 11am – 10pm
Nex 11am – 10pm
Parkway Parade 11am – 10pm
Sun Plaza 11am – 10pm
Tampines 1 11am – 10pm
The Cathay 11am – 10pm
The Seletar Mall 11am – 10pm
Waterway Point 11am – 10pm
West Mall 11am – 10pm
White Sands 11am – 10pm
Woodlands Civic Centre 11am – 10pm
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